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Meet Katie Crosby

Let’s Take Back Our Freedom!

Katie Crosby's story is a testament to resilience, community service, and a deep commitment to education and advocacy. Born and raised in Kannapolis, North Carolina, a former mill town, Katie experienced firsthand the challenges of economic uncertainty. Her family's life changed dramatically when the local mill shut down, affecting her father's job and prompting her mother to start a small business. These experiences in her early life instilled in Katie the values of adaptability and perseverance.

Her journey in public service and education began with her deep respect for public education, nurtured by her family's involvement in local school board meetings and their support of her participation in the marching band. As a Levine Scholar at UNC Charlotte, she pursued a dual program in elementary and special education, where she first encountered disparities in education during her clinical experiences in an urban Title 1 elementary school.

Katie's time at UNCC was transformative. She interned with the Urban Ministry Center in Charlotte, now known as Roof Above, working closely with the unhoused, updating community resources, and training volunteers. This experience fueled her passion for equal opportunity in housing. Her journey then took her to Cusco, Peru, where she assisted an English teacher in a private school and tutored girls in a public orphanage. A course on equity in education led her to South Africa, where she taught in schools across various economic backgrounds.

In her senior year, Katie spearheaded a grant project for the school she first visited for her clinical experiences. Along with fellow Levine Scholars, they pooled their grant money to provide new curriculum materials and professional development for the teachers, reflecting Katie's commitment to educational resources and teacher support.

After graduating from UNC Charlotte, Katie Crosby taught at two schools in North Carolina, where she deeply engaged with the diverse needs of her students. Beyond academic instruction, Katie became acutely aware of the various family situations her students faced outside the classroom, which significantly impacted their learning. This insight into the challenges her students and their families endured, many of which she could not directly address in the classroom, further fueled her commitment to holistic support and community service. In 2019, Katie moved to South Carolina with her husband, and although she stepped out of the classroom in 2022, she continued her dedication to community welfare through her real estate career, helping families find stable and supportive homes.

Katie Crosby's commitment to civic engagement and community service led her to join both the Lancaster NAACP and the Lancaster County Democratic Party in 2020. She quickly ascended through the ranks, first serving as a precinct president, then as the first vice-chair, before assuming her current role as the chair. In this capacity, she has made significant contributions, including co-founding the LCDP Q+ Council and the Northern Piedmont Young Democrats chapter, demonstrating her dedication to inclusivity and youth engagement in politics. Additionally, her involvement with the Lancaster County Democratic Women’s Council has been instrumental in empowering women in the political sphere, reflecting her belief in diverse representation and leadership.

In addition to her professional and political endeavors, Katie furthered her education at the Modjeska Simkins School in 2022, focusing on the history of South Carolina, political literacy, and civic responsibility. She also completed the James E. Clyburn Fellowship in 2022, honing her leadership, policy, and campaign management skills. Katie completed the Emerge signature program in 2023, a comprehensive training designed to equip women with the skills needed to run and win in political campaigns.

A relentless pursuit of community betterment, education advocacy, and political activism characterizes Katie Crosby's journey. Her diverse experiences, from the Alaskan Wilderness to the classrooms of North and South Carolina, and her leadership roles in various organizations, speak volumes of her dedication to making a positive difference in her community and beyond.

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